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Charvel EVH Model Guitars

Still gathering details on the Charvel models but thought a great place to start would be stats from the eBay auctions for the guitars that Eddie personnally striped and played.

Production EVH Art Series Guitars

The new Charvels with stripes, the back profiles DO NOT match the Wolfgang assymetrical shape, or the fretboard radius. The backshape on the production Art Series models is an exact replica of the original Frankenstein neck, with the asymmetrical back, etc. Both Art Series necks have a compound radius fingerboard, which does not affect the backshape in any way.

The hand striped Art Series guitars have a neck backshape that is similar to the Wolfgang models, which is slightly asymmetrical, but not the same as the original Frankenstein Strat-head neck that became the first "Kramer" neck.

Number of Guitars AuctionedColorNet US Dollars Generated
76 TotalAll Colors$ 972,170
26 Black & White striped$ 300,332
28 Red, Black & White striped$ 404,210
22 Yellow & Black striped$ 267,629

Charvel Custom EVH Serial Numbers

  • Serial Numbers 1 - 7 were never sold
  • There are no 79 or 81 numbered guitars
  • Serial numbers stop at 85, so the 30 of each model was never reached

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