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Ernie Ball Music Man EVH Model Guitar

The Ernie Ball Music Man(EBMM) EVH model guitar was manufactured from 1990 to 1995 when Ed moved his signiture guitar over to Peavey. The EBMM EVH model was the first of the EVH signiture models, while Ed helped design the 5150 this guitar was never released for sale to the public.

EBMM EVH Guitar Details

Here are the details on the Ernie Ball Music Man EVH model guitar.

  • The EBMM EVH model was designed by EBMM and at the time Ed began discussions was a yet unreleased design
  • The guitar was given the working title "Axis" which the guitar (with slight modifications) is now know as
  • The design however tendered to Ed's playing syles and likes
  • To make the guitar feel like Ed's famous "5150" the neck on Ed's infamous 5150 was digitally mapped
  • This digital map was used to digitally carve the EBMM EVH neck in order to recreate the rough spots and feel of Ed's 5150 neck

  • All EBMM EVH's were hand made and assembled per the original agreement with EVH. Included in this agreement was a limited production run of only 1,000 guitars per year. However, demand was so high orders quickly became backlogged with some wait times up to 18 months.

  • During the production life time of the EBMM EVH only 5000 - 5500 guitar were produced
  • This number includes 600 stoptail models which came in Transgold, Transpurple and Transred with 200 of each color
  • There are 8 main colors available on the EBMM EVH: red, amber, purple, aqua, black, sunburst, black, and natural. The following colors are considered rare: opaque black, opaque gold, translucent pink and green.

    Special EBMM EVH Guitars

    There are 2 custom EBMM EVH models that are double necks. Both feature the EVH guitar on the bottom and a 6 string bass on top which are similar to the Silhoutte bass guitar. This custom EVH was featured during live performances of "Spanked".

    Differences between EVH and Axis

    Once Ed left EBMM for Peavey the folks at EBMM made a few changes to the guitar and continued selling them under the original working title of Axis model. The main change involves moving from offset saddles on the EVH to centered saddles on the Axis with the offset mold being destroyed with the change to Peavey.

  • Tone knob on EVH, Volume knob on Axis
  • Neck 1/32" wider at base to prevent slippage on Axis
  • Flat backside on EVH, contoured on Axis
  • No signature
  • Pickup switch location
  • Same Gotoh bridge, but saddles are different on Axis (offset on EVH, straightaway on Axis)
  • DiMarzio pickups have 3 conductor wire on Axis, 2 conductor on EVH

  • Musicians Friend has EBMM Axis and Axis Super Sports in stock.

    Music Man Axis Electric Guitar Translucent Gold Maple Fretboard
    Music Man Axis Electric Guitar Translucent Gold Maple Fretboard

    Music Man Axis SuperSport HH Electric Guitar Translucent Gold Maple Fretboard
    Music Man Axis SuperSport HH Electric Guitar Translucent Gold Maple Fretboard

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