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Kramer 5150 & Kramer 1984 Information

Important to note that Kramer never offered the 5150 guitar or one similar (other than the standard Pacer) for sale (source

In 1984 Kramer designed a replica of Ed's famous Frankenstrat specifically for EVH so Ed could retire the famous home made axe. The one new feature was the design of a assymentrical neck which basically features a different radius throughout the width of the neck. This is the first use of the assymetrical neck shape that is seen later on the EBMM EVH/Axis and Peavey Wolfgang guitars.

A close approximation for the pickup is either the Seymour Duncan Custom Custom or Dimarzio Tone Zone. The SD pickup was designed for the 5150 while the Dimarzio is a close approximation to the pickup designed for the EBMM EVH/Axis guitars.

The guitar was called the 5150 as Ed wanted the serial number to be 5150 (the same name as his personal studio). The actual serial number is 5150c with the C=California.

EVH's Kramer 5150

Pacer Special Alder Body
Custom made all maple Kramer neck with skunk stripe
Original Floyd Rose Tremolo
Custom wound pickup
Single volume knob (Jazz Bass knob)
Schaller mini-tuners
Schwin bicycle paint
Reflective "5150" Space Tape lettering and stars

Today you can buy a replica of this guitar from Gibson/MusicYo. Production on these guitars started in the late 2002 early 2003 time frame. The Kramer 1984 model does not have the assymetrical neck.

Kramer "1984" Specifications:

Color Options: Red, White, Black and Sealer Coat
Neck: One piece Hard Maple with integrated Hard Maple fingerboard
Neck Width: 1.65" at Nut 2.06" at 12th Fret
Scale: 25.5"
Neck Finish: Light Oil
Fingerboard Radius: 12"
Frets: Silver (18% Nickel/Silver Content)(2.5mm wide x 1.40mm high)
Machine Heads: Schaller M6L, Chrome
Truss Rod: Single Action, Adjustable at Body
Skunk Stripe: Walnut
Body: Solid Alder
Strap Locks: Schaller #446 Chrome
Tremolo: FRT-100 Original Floyd Rose Double-Locking Made in Germany - Schaller
Wrench Holder: Schaller #233K Chrome
Nut: Neck-Through, R2 Made in Germany - Schaller
Pickup:84T (Custom-Made to original specifications by Gibson USA)
Wire Gauge: 44 AWB
Turns: 6800
Magnet: Alnico-V
Resistance @ DC = 16.34Kohms
Resonant Freq. = 5.2Kohms
Inductance @ 1KHz = 8.3H
Mounted directly to body
Controls: 1-Master Volume
Potentiometer: CGE 500K Log (Audio Taper)
Output Jack: Switchcraft #151
Strings:Kramer USA .009 - .011 - .016 - .024w - .032w - .042w
Hard Case Included
Hand-Built in the USA

Kramer 1984 Serial number identification

ModelManufacured DateSerial Number
Kramer 1984 ReissueTo mid 2004200000 - 200500 or less
All Kramer reissue modelsMid 2004-2005040001
All Kramer reissue models2005050001

Kramer reissue models include the 1984 and Jersey Star (Sambora), future models include the Nightswan and Baretta.

Where to Buy

Today Kramer is owned by Gibson and sold through the online store. Kramer 1984

Do you live outside the USA but still want a new Kramer? Well, for International buyers only ships to the US. However it turns out that if you order through Amazon, the International restriction is not imposed. And with the US Dollar a bit down, European buyers especially can get a great deal and shipping isn't too expensive either.

If you're outside of the US and want to buy a Kramer, check out Amazon now.

Kramer Guitars available on eBay

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