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Steinberger Guitars

Steinberger guitars, also known by their signature "headless" look, were first used by EVH on the 5150 album in the song "Summer Nights". The Steinberger guitar featured the TransTrem tremolo which allows the player to change the key in which the guitar is tuned, this is referred to as transposing. Below is table of the available transpositions with the Steinberger TransTrem.

During Summer Nights Ed puts the Steinberger TransTrem through its paces, and uses a primary function of this sophisticated vibrato bar: capo-less key transposition. The first 12 measures demonstrate this application, as Ed plays in a manner simulating the placement of a capo in the third position, while during the bridge, both guitars have been "TransTremmed" to a whole-tone below normal (standard A-440 tuning). The outro solo also employs the TransTrem.


StringDown 3 StepsDown 2 StepsDown 1 StepCenter NotchUp 1 Step Up 2 Steps
1st or EBCDEF#G
2nd or BF#GABC#D
3rd or GDEbFGABb
4th or DABbCDEF
5th or AEFGABC
6th or EBCDEF#G

Where to Buy

Steinberger TransTrem Steinberger Broom Today Steinberger is owned by Gibson and sold through the online store.

Do you live outside the USA but still want a new Steinberger? Well, for International buyers only ships to the US. However it turns out that if you order through Amazon, the International restriction is not imposed. And with the US Dollar a bit down, European buyers especially can get a great deal and shipping isn't too expensive either.

If you're outside of the US and want to buy a Steinberger, check out Amazon now.

Steinberger Synapse ST-2FPA TranScale Custom Electric Guitar Transparent Red
Steinberger Synapse ST-2FPA TranScale Custom Electric Guitar

Steinberger Synapse SS-2F Custom Electric Guitar Transparent Green
Steinberger Synapse SS-2F Custom Electric Guitar

Steinberger Guitars available on eBay

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