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Production Run and Limited Custom Shop Run of EVH Art Series Announced

EVH Art Series Production Guitar
(Click for a close-up)
EVH Art Series Production Guitar
(Click for a close-up)

July 27, 2004

To follow up the recent news of the collaboration between Edward Van Halen and Charvel to produce a limited run of hand "striped" art guitars, Charvel now announces that it will introduce a production run of EVH Art Series guitars that are based on Van Halen's own original, iconic designs. This new line of production run EVH Art Series guitars will be painted and built exclusively by Charvel at its facility in Corona, California.

These new Charvel EVH Art Series guitars will feature three instruments, each with its own striped color scheme, including white with black stripes, black with yellow stripes and red with black and white stripes. The artwork for each different model will be based on the designs originally created by Edward Van Halen for his personal guitars, which have since become legendary rock 'n' roll icons.

Production will begin soon, and delivery to Charvel retailers is expected to begin by November of this year. The anticipated United States MSRP for these guitars is $3,299.99. In addition to the new Charvel EVH Art Series guitars, the Charvel Custom Shop will introduce a limited run of guitars that will be faithful recreations of Edward's classic red guitar with black and white stripes. The Charvel Custom Shop will work closely with Van Halen to create no more than 100 pieces, all of which will replicate the original down to every detail, including original specifications, as well as its nicks, scratches and wear marks. More details with regards to pricing and availability will be forthcoming.

For more information, visit their web site at and

Charvel EVH Art Series Guitar Black & White Chrome Hardware
Charvel EVH Art Series Guitar Red, White&Black Chrome Hardware

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