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Wolfgang Registry News

NEW 1x12 50W Combo

Saw this in the Musicians Friend Catalog. Power scaling down to 1 watt, no mention of midi.

New Wolfgang Standards (Most likely import)

Available in Trans Black, Trans Red and Black all with maple fretboards. Starting at $549.99

Evh Wolfgang Standard Electric Guitar Black Maple Fretboard

Crazy Deal!!!

Musicians Friend is blowing out the Digitech iStomp for $39.99. For those in search of later Van Halen tones (starting with Unchained and especially 5150 onwards) the iStomp has a great detune pedal (Red Coral) which allows for both +/- detune up to 24 cents which is double what is needed. Early VH detune is +/- 9 cents, 5150 onward +/- 12 cents. Here is the even better news… all the pedal models are free to download.

Digitech iStomp now just $39.99

New Wolfgang Special Guitars now available

These guitar are Made in Japan (MIJ) and are available in black, white and tobacco burst with a price point of $1,299.99 - $1,329.99.

EVH Wolfgang Special Electric Guitar White

EVH Frankenstein Humbuckers now available

Looks like NAMM is producing lots of new EVH gear. These are the pickups available in the new EVH Wolfgang. Get them in new or relic'd with Ed's signature.

EVH Frankenstein Humbucker
EVH Frankenstein Humbucker

New Fender made Wolfgang

New Wolfgang now available for order!!!

EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar Vintage White Maple Top
EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar Vintage White Maple Top

It's Out!!!!

Official Press Release for the new EVH Wolfgang guitar

Press release for the new EVH Wolfgang can be found here.

Here is the first info on the new FMIC made Wolfgang.

Guitar World Article on New Wolfgang

Picture of what may be the new Wolfgang here.

EVH 5150-III

Information now available on the the 5150-III page. Amp has been added to the settings database so please add your sounds.

EVH Gear Website

Instead of posting information at or they have created a new website for EVH gear produced under the Fender family.

The new website is: . This is where the specs and information for the new 5150 III amp will be appearing.

New Van Halen Guitar Coming

Publishes: January 3, 2007

Looks like a new Van Halen guitar will be coming available. New EVH model is a replica of Ed's Frankenstrat or Frankenstein and is currently being called the "Frankenstein" Replica. More info on the new EVH Frankenstein Replica available in the March 2007 issue of Guitar World. If you click on the future issue banner at the bottom of the page it will open a video with the new guitar. For pics taken by Ross Halfin of Ed and the new guitar check this link.

MXR EVH-117 Eddie Van Halen Flanger

Looks like the new EVH Flanger will be available on May 5, 2006. More info available here.

Winter NAMM 2006 News

We won't be making the trip to NAMM this year but I will try and keep up with the EVH equipment news. Here is what the rumor mill has turned up so far (accuracy not guaranteed):

1) Fender/Charvel Wolfgang that is very similar to the Peavey Wolfgang model. Have also heard this will be Made in Mexico.
2) Fender EVH model amp. No other info yet.

If you catch wind of any more EVH equipment rumors please head to the forums to discuss.

Had a chance to sit down with the Peavey guitar product manager at NAMM and went over the new HP Special. Check out the interview - HP Special Interview

Welcome to the EVH Wolfgang Registry

Created for enthusiasts of Eddie Van Halen (EVH) licensed guitars, amps and effects! Our goal is to create an online registry that will provide a detailed database of all the various model types. Thinking about purchasing an EVH guitar or amp? Browse through the database to learn more about guitar options. Already own an EVH guitar or amp? Check and see what others have listed! Peavey Wolfgang, former Ernie Ball Music Man Eddie Van Halen model guitars (renamed Axis), Kramer 1984/5150 and the new Charvel EVH Art Series guitars.

List your Wolfgang, Axis, Axis Super Sport or EVH model in the registry which allows others to see the specifics of your guitar. Our goal is to document every Wolfgang, Axis, EBMM EVH, Charvel EVH Art Series, and Kramer 1984 model sold. Don't forget to list your 6505/5150 amp and your favorite settings in the amp registry and settings database.

The 5150 Registry strives to document all the 5150 amps. The amp settings database allows you to share your favorite amp settings.

EVH Wolfgang Registry focuses on the following guitars and amps

  • Peavey Wolfgang
  • Peavey Wolfgang Special
  • Peavey Wolfgang Flame Top Special
  • Peavey Wolfgang Quilt Top Special
  • Ernie Ball Music Man Axis
  • Ernie Ball Music Man Axis Sport
  • Ernie Ball Music Man Axis Super Sport
  • Ernie Ball Music Man EVH
  • Charvel EVH Art Series
  • Kramer 5150
  • Kramer 1984
  • Peavey 5150
  • Peavey 5150 Combo
  • Peavey 5150 II
  • Peavey 6505
  • Fender/EVH 5150 III

In addition to Peavey Wolfgang, Music Man EVH and Music Man Axis, Charvel EVH Art Series, Kramer 5150 and Kramer 1984 model guitars, the database also houses information for the Peavey 5150 amp series allowing visitors to search the database for amp settings and exchange sounds. Please visit the Forums to discuss the different models along with Kramers and other guitars.

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